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Black and Blue

1h 39m


Christine Evans (Amber)Zach Harmon (Billy)Derrick Denicola (Ryan)Carolina Hoyos (Teresa)Daniel Galo (Marco)Vanessa Villalovos (Maria)Jorge Alvarado (Carlito)Cathy Baron (Cynthia)Kenze Adamson (Social Worker)Phoenix Adoni (Mr. Watkins)Marco A. Aguilera (Bus Driver)Tate Ammons (Ron)Ashley Baxstrom (Ellie)Tony Collucci (Homeless Man #2)Zia Domic (Sandra)Ivan Gatz (Claire's Dad)Victorious Grace (Record Store Party Woman #2)Robert Grant (Cop)


Jill Maxcy



With a meth-addict for a mother and a non-existent father, AMBER (17) doesn't have much in this world, except for one thing...her music. Through circumstances beyond her control Amber ends up on the streets on Los Angeles. Navigating her way through the world of the homeless, Amber finds solace in a run-down music store where she meets an old-time blues musician, BILLY. Billy's life has become outdated. Not needed. And unnecessary. Having lost his daughter many years ago, Billy unknowingly looks to heal some of his wounds by helping Amber. Living on the streets there is also a group of kids that perform music on the Long Beach Promenade for money. Amber finds herself being drawn to this group. She eventually starts to hang with these kids, using her musical abilities to pay her way. Over the course of a month, Amber finds that sometimes we can find acceptance in the most unexpected places. That sometimes things aren't always so black and white because sometimes the pain we all carry within ourselves can make life so much more, Black and Blue.