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Cafè - Storia di una ribalta napoletana

1h 23m



Vincenzo Lamagna



The history of Neapolitan coffee does not begin in Naples. This is why "Cafè - History of a limelight napoletana "opens with a first act of analytical investigation into the origins of a tradition seemingly timeless. Lejla Mancusi Sorrentino opens the dance with a romantic tale of exotic places and voyages of discovery, setting the stage for everything that will be discussed in the course of storytelling. We thus enter the temple of Neapolitan coffee par excellence, the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, of to which Michele Sergio opens their doors and tells the most curious anecdotes and historical turning points, Massimiliano Rosati and Giovanni Fummo. From the beating heart of the Neapolitan city, Nando Cirella paraphrases the preparation methodology described by Edoardo in "These ghosts", showing how the exotic drink has turned into an entirely Neapolitan ritual, prepared every day and several times at day with the cuccuma. The second act begins: that of science. Mauro Illiano, Mariafrancesca Natale and Paola Campana dissect the main notions relating to the path that transforms the grain of coffee in a ready-to-drink beverage, without neglecting the main extraction errors and the methodology related to the most popular instrument: the moka. History and science, however, are not enough. Coffee also needs to express itself in totally new forms and totally unexpected, as Francesco Costanzo, Claudio Sciaraffa and Alfonso Caputo show us. The third act is that of the avant-garde, of experimentation, of reinterpretation and of a cyclical return to tradition. An ancient tradition, adopted, to be rediscovered and continue to be handed down.