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Dalaal No.1

1h 53m


Hyder Ali (Chandrabhan 'Chandu')Rajni Chandra (Chandni)Shakti Kapoor (Shakti 'Dalaal')Mushtaq Khan (Kanhaiya)Lalit Kohli (Rahul)Manjeet Kular (Monica)MehandiAnil Nagrath (Chandni's patron)Gufi Paintal (Murlinath)Vidya PayalSanjeevani (Ruhi)Usha SinghVinod TripathiRajan VermaPrithvi Zutshi (Chandni's dad)


Anil Dhanda



Chandni, a devout Hindu, lives a poor lifestyle along with her widowed dad in a small village in India. When she matures, her dad looks for a suitable groom, and through his friend, Chandrabhan, arranges her marriage with Mumbai-based Shakti, who is the only son of wealthy Murlinath and Monica. The marriage takes place in the village, and shortly thereafter Chandni re-locates to live with Shakti and his parents. Upon arrival in Mumbai she is warmly welcomed by Monica and their family. Monica pampers her and assists her in getting settled down comfortably. It is only a few days later that Chandni finds out that her husband is actually a pimp, her mother-in-law is a brothel madame, and her father-in-law is Monica's strongman who is known to beat young girls to submission, and who will now warn her that there are many ways to enter Mumbai's brothels but there is only one out - death!!