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Daydream Believers

1h 41m


Shaun Dooley (Narrator)Ken Loach (Self)Henry Winter (Self)Danny Wilson (Self)


Chris Johnson



In 1997, the town of Barnsley was still reeling from the impacts of the greatest industrial dispute this country had ever seen. The Government of the day had ripped up the industry the people depended on, declared its brave men and women as 'The Enemy Within' and left them out to dry. In less than 10 years, in a town of a population of around 200,000 over 30,000 jobs were gone. But one group of people provided them hope and went on to achieve something no one ever thought possible. Led by the young but inspirational Danny Wilson, Barnsley Football Club earned promotion to the top tier of English football for the first time in it's 110 year history, playing football likened to that only seen on the beaches of Rio with a group of players that cost less than £1 million to assemble. An achievement never seen before and one unlikely to be seen again.