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Die Tigerin

1h 23m


Valentina Vargas (Tigress)James Remar (Andrei)George Peppard (Sid Slaughter)Ferdy Mayne (The Austrian Count)Belinda Mayne (Elsy)Hannes Jaenicke (Harry)René Schoenenberger (Count Beowulf)Jirí Krytinár (1. Bellboy)Götz Hellriegel (Max)Michael Basden (Louis Lumier)Andreas Grothusen (Egon)Christian Goebel (Rudi)Gerhard Bös (Fritz)Oliver Konrad-Gerbig (Paul (Musician in Band))Burkhardt Brildigkeit (Musician (Band))Mirco Schurig (Musician (Band))Michael Stobbe (Musician (Band))Morris Perry (Walker)


Karin Howard



It's the roaring twenties in Berlin. The Tigress, a gorgeous, wild, and very independent street walker, falls for a handsome grifter. When one of her lovers gets jealous, she betrays him and has to skip town. The grifter reveals he has what it takes to move in upper class circles and suggests they flee to Carlsbad, a spa in Czechoslovakia. Does he love her or is he only using her? Is the Tigress madly in love with him or does she want to satisfy her vanity and drop him once he falls for her? The ancient cat and mouse game between a man and a woman unfolds amidst sensual seduction, the scheme of robbing a rich Texan and the jilted lover arriving from Berlin, gun drawn.