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For a Fistful of Diamonds

1h 27m


Chuti Tiu (Tatiana Romanova)Abdel-Aziz Essayed (Brigande Salinas)Fabrice Sopoglian (Buitre Moratti)Fabrice Vilder (Franco)Oscar Torre (Tony)Vince Duvall (Vincenzo Calabrese)Walter Tabayoyong (Tatiana's brother)Tyler Nimmons (Jean)Michelle Belegrin (Vincenzo's Assistant)Meddi Allaf (Maurice)Steve Anderson (Helicopter pilot)Vito Autiero (MGM casino manager)Fred Bordbar (FBI agent)Jason Bordbar (FBI agent)Dominique Campion (Dede Fratelini)Jackson Chanet (Dede crew paris)Jean Maurice Chanet (Dede crew paris)Maria Luisa Cianni (Undercover cop)


Dominique Milano



Once upon a time, a briefcase full of diamonds purchased by French Mobster Dede Fratelini were headed to its owner in Paris via Las Vegas, but the diamonds inconveniently disappeared somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert. A ruthless killer on his way to prison escapes captivity and intercepts the briefcase by killing the carrier and hijacking his car. His ex-girlfriend Tatiana and her current lover Buitre foil his plans, disabling him. Now, FBI agent Franco Valle has to recover the diamonds and retrace their path, proving to be a complicated, and at times comical, task. This 95 minute comedy/action-packed feature film brings the famous Spaghetti Westerns of the sixties back to life with a touch of modern technology and humor. Filmed in anamorphic format to take advantage of the beautiful landscape of western Europe and the Nevada Desert, this nonsense story of a race for a fistful of diamonds takes you around the globe and ends right back to where it started: in the middle of the Mojave desert!