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Golden Threads: The Tailor-made Revolution



Mark Butterfield (Self - Interviewee-Fashion Collector)Leslie Cavendish (Self - Interviewee-Hairstylist)Peter Feely (Self - Interviewee-Fashion Collector)Colette Harron (Self - Interviewee-Stylist)Alan Holston


Bryan Kaufman



Golden Threads is the exclusive documentary film about the rockin' roots of 1960s fashion and the small handful of seldom-known yet highly influential British designers and boutiques that changed the world by clothing The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and others. Legendary designers and boutiques are discussed in depth, such as Granny Takes a Trip (with founders Nigel Waymouth and John Pearse), I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet (with Robert H. Orbach), Hung On You, Apple Tailoring, Dandie Fashions (with Alan Holston), and legendary designer Ossie Clark. The film features John Varvatos, Linda Keith (aka Ruby Tuesday), Eddie Kramer, Gered Mankowitz, Chris Jagger, Colette Harron, John Pearse, Robert H. Orbach, Peter Feely, Leslie Cavendish, Robin Trower and others, discussing intimate memories and insights regarding the late 60s when fashion and music converged and took the world by psychedelic surprise, such as the impact of clothing on the music industry, the influence of musicians on fashion trends, and how the two industries fueled each other's growth.