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Hot Times at Montclair High

1h 27m


Ross Hamilton (Sean Willis)Kim Valentine (Jenny Rush)Johnathan Gorman (Ziggy Karpkinski)Brent Jasmer (Jason Miller)Troy Donahue (Mr. Nichols)Kim Anderson (Bridgette Amhurst)Jean Carol (Mrs. Willis)Leslie Owen (Susan)Jonelle Goddard (Miss Hershey)Fred Smoot (Fritz)Michael Bates (Dirk Allen)John Fatooh (Mr. Sanders)Sean Holton (Terry)Rob Simpson (Roland)Lisa Morgan (Lisa)Laura Bryan Birn (Margie)Troy Fromin (Bathroom Bully)J.R. Hudson (Bill)


Jose Altonaga



At Montclair High School, three different students bond with one another through a variety of comic, dramatic and episodic circumstances. Sean is a popular football jock who struggles to keep his grades up to stay on the school's team. Sean's girlfriend, Jenny, struggles with her outgoing friend Susan who hooks her up with a local rock band life of drugs and debauchery. Ziggy is a terminal nerd whom tries to find the right woman to be with despite his lack of social skills. Jason is a tough punk and resident bad boy who struggles to get by and takes out his aggression on others to get away from his abusive home life. Despite having nothing in common, Sean, Ziggy, and Jason's lives take a turn during a stay in detention which leads to them trying to help one other in their own life problems and learn that all of them have a lot more in common with one another than they knew.