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Hypnotic Dance Club

1h 13m


Min-woo Kang (Geum Seon-ja)Chae-dam Lee (Ki Dal-hee)Min Do Yoon


Ki Dal-hee is a reclusive, lonely living living in a small rooftop room and blocking contact with the outside. In Ki Dal-hee's eyes, an excited angel, Geum Seon-ja, who will save him, sneaks into her house and starts a dangerous stalking while looking at her every move. For Ki Dal-hee, Geum Soon-ja became the reason for existence and her energy for a happy life. Ki Dal-hee's daring behavior that permeates her house like a parasite eventually crosses the line, and Geum Soon-ja, who feels ashamed, kidnaps and confines her. Geum Soon-ja imprisoned Ki Dal-hee in prison uniform and condemned her. The femme fatal of Geum Seon-ja is increasingly mysterious, including her maid O Dal-rae as a watchman and having her write a reflection statement. Breaking the line between reality and imagination, the story falls into an uncontrollable labyrinth.