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Incredible Fangs




Graeme Duane



Over millions of years animals have been chomping things with incredible teeth. Across the seven continents teeth have evolved to perform unique jobs in specific ecosystems: from biting and fighting to snapping and drilling our planet is home to an array of weird and wonderful canine contraptions that can do a lot more than just chew. There are the hippo's 60-centimeter tusks to fight off the competition; the hyena's bone-crushing jaws; the moray eel's two freaky mouths ensure its prey is swallowed; and the great white has over 300 razor sharp teeth in never-ending supply. The planet's first teeth came in the form of bony projections on the body of a prehistoric fish, and how things have changed since then. Today there are teeth for eating, and teeth for fighting - There are teeth that never stop growing, and teeth that can kill their owner. In this show we dive deep into the fascinating world of animals' teeth to show you some of the deadliest, weirdest, biggest and most unbelievable. Join us on this journey of the the planet's most Incredible Teeth.