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Jurassic Cops the Movie: The Dinosaur Age Adventures



Hong Bum-kiUm Sang-HyunSo Yeon


Horak Kim



Defeat the starry pirate that prevents the Jurassic Cops' birth. In the peaceful Light City, Gong-chan and friends find unidentified merchants selling mini dinosaurs in front of the school. They are the villains who they thought were gone, Piggyback-dan. Using a time cube that can travel through time, the dinosaurs of the dinosaur age are brought to you by making mini-dinosaurs, and then they make them huge and attack the earth. Meanwhile, Piggyback-dan that returned to the past attacked a young captain 65 million years ago, preventing the birth of Jurassic Cops to annihilate the present Jurassic Cops. And Gong-chan's group was taken away by the enemy and trapped in the dinosaur era. Gong-chan and his friends who escaped from the dinosaur era and succeeded in reviving Jurassic Cops with the efforts of Gongchan's mom. They will return to the present and have a final duel with the Piggyback-dan, which attacks the city with the Meka dinosaur, with the fate of the earth at stake.