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Mamas Flitterwochen

1h 30m


Ruth-Maria Kubitschek (Hildegard 'Hilde' Reimer)Ernst Stankovski (Onkel Theo)Susanna Simon (Susanne Reimer)Tina Ruland (Anja Reimer)Marita Marschall (Regina Reimer)Oliver Bootz (Frank Sesink)Michael Roll (Robert Marquardt)Oliver Clemens (Sebastian)Hartmut Guy (Roberts Chef)Diana Urbank (Vera)Sarah Becker (Brigitte)Gesine Cukrowski (Karin)Oliver Kujas (Blumenbote)Nina Liu (Mai Ling)Karin Oehme (Konditorin)Charles Rettinghaus (Arzt)Marion van de Kamp (Dorothee)Heidrun Welskop (Putzfrau)


Thomas Jacob



After a lot of trial and error, Hilde Reimer has finally decided to marry her late love Theo. Immediately after the wedding, Theo moves in with her in the Reimersche family villa - nothing seems to stand in the way of their mutual happiness. Or is it? While Theo soon gets to feel the idiosyncrasies of his new wife, Hilde quickly realizes that she can hardly keep up with the pace of the agile Theo in everyday life. In order not to worry him, she doesn't tell him about her mysterious dizzy spells. Even when Hilde faints while shopping and misses the plane to her honeymoon, she doesn't tell Theo about her health problems. No wonder that the deeply disappointed and hurt Theo begins to doubt Hilde's affection because of the canceled vacation and moves from the shared bedroom to the attic room for the time being. Even with Hilde's adult daughters, who also live with their families in the large villa, the house blessing is lopsided. While Anja waits in vain for her friend Karin, who went to Brazil alone, to finally get in touch, Sebastian fights to finally be accepted as the father of her child. Regina, meanwhile, returns to her old job at the bank with great success after her husband Robert loses his job - which soon leads to jealousies as the newly minted house husband finds the role difficult to cope with. The situation is very similar for Frank and Susanne, because Frank has the feeling that Susanne has never really accepted his job as a car mechanic and doesn't even see how much he puts in for her and little Viktor. Only when Hilde collapses again and is taken to the hospital do Theo, her daughters and their husbands finally seem to come to their senses.