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Police Story 2

2h 46m


Thalapathi Dinesh (Tiger Menon)KaribasavaiahSai KumarGirija LokeshLoknath ((as: C. H. Lokanath))Lambu NageshSarma P.J.PonnambalamAshok RaoRami ReddySwasthik ShankarShobharaj (Black Tiger (as: Shobhraj))Rockline Venkatesh


Thriller Manju



Agni (Saikumar) and Vijay (Rockline Venkatesh) are the loyal cops. They face stiff opposition from Godmother Thimmakka(Sana) in their objective of a crime free city. Thimmakka who can make or break (in Judiciary and Politics) faces severe jolt when her son is gunned down by Agni and Vijay for rape and murder of call center girl. To bring in bad name to police power Thimmakka unite the two underworld dons on a promise that they get prime positions. Agni does not lose his courage even though his colleagues in the department turn in favor of Thimmakka. He has the support of sincere chief minister (played by Saikumar's father). In his killing spree of anti social elements that is also reply to Thimmakka, Agni becomes a nightmare. At this time the political moves changes the seat of power. A criminal who is a right hand of Thimmakka becomes the chief minister. Agni is at the receiving end. In the blood boiling situation, Agni uses his intelligence and kills one of the two dons in the residence of Chief Minister in the pretext of security reasons. The CM who is also a don is confused about Agni's moves. To finish off the power of Agni another old rival Black Tiger (played by Shobaraj) arrives. The emergence of Black Tiger is shocking not only for Agni but for the entire Police Department. This black tiger was sentenced for capital punishment in the last scene of part one of the 'Police Story'. He has escaped the gallows corrupting the government officials what leads to dangerous situation. Agni is on a hunt again. In the case of Black Tiger slipping away from gallows he finds three government officials interlinked in this case. When he finds all the three and brings them to a safe place to produce to the court all of them are killed by Black Tiger in an encounter. In the custody of Agni three government officials gunned down is the black spot in his life. Agni loses his trusted colleague Vijay at this stage and he becomes alone. Now he has very tough opponents for him. Like a wounded tiger Agni wages a lone battle. Black Tiger setting bombs in various places escapes to Hong Kong. In one of the bomb blasts Agni loses his mother too. He chases Black Tiger in Hong Kong and it is as expected.