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1h 50m


Lucas Babin (Sid)Rosalind Baffoe (Police Woman)Ben Braun (Young Doctor)Boris AljinovicZsolt Bács (Detective Adams)Mathieu CarrièreJulia Dietze (Evelyn)Luc FeitNike Fuhrmann (Check-In Lady)Yann Grouhel (Branch Manager)Ralph HerforthEszter Iszak (Star)Dayan Kodua (Krankenschwester)Stephan KorvesErika Marozsán (Laura)Jannis Michel (Nico Lohner)Ralf Moeller (Frank)Carli Mosier (Voice of Star)


Jorgo Papavassiliou



Twists and turns as a clever policeman investigates the death of an abusive businessman who has recently divorced his wife and taken custody of their only child, by revealing her past as a porn star. LAURA LOHNER is his prime suspect in a web of S&M games filled with prostitutes and high class hookers. There's one problem: Laura has the perfect motive...but she also has the perfect alibi. When FRANK LOHNER is found shot dead execution style, with six bullets to his body and an unconscious (and drugged) beautiful prostitute at his side, DETECTIVE ADAMS suspects Laura Lohner and sets out to question STAR, the young prostitute about her connections to Laura. As he delves deeper into the suspicious connections between the two women, the detective sets a trap to catch Laura in the act of pulling strings. He convinces Star she too is a victim, even though Laura has been the only one to protect her from her vicious ex-boyfriend SID...who coincidentally acted with Laura back in the day. As Detective Adams closes in on Laura, he is convinced he can get her to confess, and save Star from her obsession with the manipulative Laura. But who is playing whom? And who is the real victim?