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Taken by Force

1h 30m


Jeff Osterhage (Ty Nelson)Mark Gantt (Stark)Branscombe Richmond (Dakota)Ed Lauter (Lt. Singer)Frank Stallone (Schultz)James Lew (Choy)Corbin Timbrook (Gibbs)John Brotherton (Billy Crew)Johnny NisbetMonique Yates Jr. (Markey Taylor)Miranda Kwok (Lim Jing)John Nisbet (Sonny Marks)James Kwong (Kwan Lee)Nils Allen Stewart (Yee)Lauren Mary Kim (Ling Moy)Madeleine Wade (Kerri Marks)Miranda Lindley (Meg Marks)Dan Woren (Ray C.)


Ron Althoff



When a San Francisco detective goes hunting for the cruel Asian crime figure who killed his partner, he finds himself thrown into the center of a violent plot to steal a terrorist weapon. Ty Nelson is a detective haunted by the violent death of his partner at the hands of Choy Muk, the leader of the Triad Dragons-- a violent, fanatical Asian gang operating in San Francisco. Nelson finds a mysterious clue after ending a heart-pounding chase through Chinatown alleys with the near-capture of a deadly, though beautiful Lieutenant of Choy's. But his captain has had enough of Nelson's single-minded obsession with Choy, and puts the haggard detective on leave. Nelson refuses to give up. Following a hunch, he finds himself in the center of a furious firefight as Choy and his gang try to hi-jack a diplomatic convoy carrying a priceless art treasure that has just landed at Edwards Air Force Base, bound for Los Angeles' Getty Museum. Nelson joins the running gun battle on the side of the LAPD special tactics unit assigned to baby-sit the shipment. It isn't art that Choy is after, but a new device stolen in China that has been smuggled with the shipment-- a device that would bring millions on the terrorist black market-- and he will stop at nothing to capture it.