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Tales of Siva 2

1h 6m



Renju Ramesh



The movie revolves around a grandmother who sheds light on few stories of lord Shiva to her naughty grandchildren. The movie begins with the tale of the great grand wedding of Shiva and Parvati in the history of time. The movie moves ahead with the story of Hanuman (son of Vaayu Dev), his birth and his childhood incidents. One day, Vaayu Dev abandons the world as Indra hurts Hanuman, Lord Shiva then convinces Vaayu Dev and brings him back to the course and requests all the gods to bless the little Hanuman. The plot proceeds with the story of Shiva's son, Ganesha, who teaches the proud Kubera a lesson when he organises a grand feast and invites all the gods to show off his prosperity. To teach the grandchildren a lesson about bravery, the grandmother selects the story of Kartikeya, a great warrior, who leaves Kailash in search of his true identity. Watch how Kartikeya fights with a monster to free the villagers and earn the name, 'Murugan'. Lastly, the grandmother narrates the story of the famous fight between Lord Shiva and Brahma in the course of the creation of mankind which ends up with Shiva cutting off Brahma's fifth head.