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The Dillinger Conspiracy



Rennie Alexander (Polly Hamilton)Jared Cowan (FBI Agent)Travis Davis (Narrator)Rachel Illingworth (Bordello Girl 2)Victoria Lane (Bordello Girl)James McCarthy (Harry Pierpont)Timothy Prindle (Melvin Purvis)L.G. Ross (FBI Agent)Glenn Sauber (Officer O'Hanrahan)Anthony Scavone (Harry Copeland - Gangster)Tony Eugene Stewart (On Screen Consultant)


Michael S. Ojeda



In the gangster era of the Great Depression, no criminal captured the public's imagination like bank robber John Dillinger. In a world where money was scarce and banks regularly foreclosed on homes and farms, Dillinger - with his athletic, flamboyant and charismatic style - became a hero to the downtrodden. For 13 violent months prior to his death, Dillinger and his gang swept through the Midwest in a crime wave unparalleled in modern history. His multiple robberies, wild chases, daring prison breaks and fierce machine gun battles fascinated the country. And when he was finally gunned down outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago, many bystanders dipped their skirts and handkerchiefs in Dillinger's blood as souvenirs. But what if the FBI, the Chicago police and the enthusiastic onlookers were all wrong about Dillinger's death? Join investigators as they use the best in modern forensic science to answer a number of decades-old questions: Why did the corpse bear little resemblance to pictures of the infamous gangster? How did the autopsy report mysteriously disappear? And why, of all things, did the corpse have different fingerprints than that of Dillinger himself?