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The Ones You Love

1h 48m


Monica Bojko (Candi)Daniel Burress (Billy)Avia Bushyhead (Meghan)Jonathan Chang (Justin)Dan Colman (Marcus)Michael Epp (John)Jonathan Florez (Conner)Amanda Gabbard (Janet)Julia Giolzetti (Sad Girl At Tasti D-Lite)Allison Hall (Amy)Anna Margaret Hollyman (Emma)Annalaina Marks (Rebecca)Melanie McCarthy (Crystal)Mateo Moreno (Raver)Caroline Parsons (Allison)Thomas Poarch (Gary)Morgan Reis (Julia)Scott Simmons (Allen)


Daniel Burress



The Ones You Love follows three strangers in the painful aftermath of losing a loved one. This hopeful drama reveals the great lengths people will go through to reach out to others that are verbally/mentally abusive and sometimes unresponsive, in times of need. Billy is 26-years-old and an uninspired comic book illustrator, whose older sister was viciously murdered by her live-in boyfriend. Billy flees from his abusive parents to stay with his child-hood friend in New York City- in hopes to put Amy's death behind him and start anew. Emma is 30-years-old and a temp at a law office, who is known to flounder through life. Having an extraordinarily hard time making the transition into adulthood and dealing with the recent death of her mother, Emma is left to reevaluate her plans when she is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Conner is 21-years-old and an uninspired punk rocker, who works the door at a trendy nightspot. After his close friend, Jason, overdoses on cocaine, Conner is left to wonder if he can ever connect with anyone again. When Jason's father comes to collect his son's belongings, the two strike up an unlikely bond.