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U Don't Know Me: T. I.

1h 28m


T.I. (Self)


Donald Hines



The rap industry has crowned its newest king of the south. His name is T.I.. His Heartwarming story will move just about anyone. He is far from being your 'norm' rapper. T.I. has brought new flavor to the rap game. His southern laid-back flows have enabled him to gain popularity amongst fans. Thanks to sizzling tracks like "Serious" and You Don't Know Me," T.I. has topped the Billboard charts. T.I.'s album has featured the likes of Jay Z and P-Diddy, two of music's elite. This has allowed the artist to have huge record sales, as well as being nominated for Best New Rapper. This DVD shows the fortune, fame, tragedy and his love affair. See how T.I. took his career to an even higher plateau by appearing on the big screen. If you don't already know him, get to know the real T.I. and his life story.