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Vai Dar Nada

1h 50m


Kizi Vaz (Márcia)Katiuscia Canoro (Suzi)Jéssica Barbosa (Rebeca)Cauê Campos (Kelson)Nicolas Vargas (Edmundo)Rafael Infante (Fernando)Tom Peres (Chumbo - cafe attendant)Júlia Barth (DJ)Isadora Pillar (Taxista)Nélson Diniz (Josué)Bruno Barcelos (Boy on the bus)Giovanna Figueiredo (Pizzeria manager)Guilherme Vargas (Lieutenant (1 of the tram))Alex Sernambi (Fernando's lawyer)Graziano Luiz Pagliarini (Court security)Janaína Pellizzon (Ex-Old Woman (Woman Robbed))Paula Souza (Juíza)Antônio Carlos Falcão (Barber)


Ana Luiza Azevedo, Jorge Furtado



The film is about six people that become outlaws on motorcycles. Kelson is a thief, and his motorcycle is a getaway vehicle, but he needs a better one to outrun the more powerful police motorcycles. Fernando, who owns a chop shop of stolen vehicles, sells Kelson a motorcycle that once belonged to Brasalite, a dangerous criminal apprehended by the police and is serving time in prison. Suzi is a police officer who diverts the vehicles of imprisoned criminals, a thief robbing other thieves. Things get complicated when Brasalite leaves prison and wants his bike back, along with the head of the person that has it. Together with Kelson's younger sister, Jéssica, and his lawyer Odair, this group of outlaws will struggle to outrun the law on their motorcycles.