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Who Said You Can't: African American Women in Science

1h 12m


K Renee Horton (Self)Catherine Jackson (Self)Earl Dean Joseph (Self)Antoinette Bell Kareem (Self)


Adrian Spurlock, Gisele Haralson



African American women in science of the past and present serve as the pathway to our future women in science and engineering, and are committed to inspiring and motivating the next generation of African American women in science. They understand the struggle of being the only woman, as well as the only woman of color, in a predominantly male industry where often their opinions and suggestions are sometimes second guessed. More than anything their mission is to change what the face of STEM looks like and to give hope to the next generation. The documentary presents the stories of Dr. Alice Pendleton a NASA Space Research Scientist, Three of the First Black Nurses hired at the Baton Rouge General Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, NASA Engineer Dr. K. Renee Horton, Viral Researcher and Doctoral Candidate at Tulane University, Antoinette Bell Kareem, Educator in Science Katherine Michele Sanders, and Dr. Cordel Parris, the first African American female cardiologist in the state of Louisiana owning her own practice.