(Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

As we near the anniversary of our nation’s undoing, there are several other occasions to mark, including the rise (and subsequent downfall) of the undecided voter—namely, Ken Bone, the face and cable-knit sweater of the uninformed people. The mustachioed Bone became a viral sensation last October because he was just so danged conflicted about choosing between Hillary Clinton and a deluded individual (or possibly a time traveler) who believes he invented words that were first used hundreds of years ago ([insert your “this is why Trump won” jokes here].

CNN decided, amid all the other disasters in the news, to take a stroll down Bone memory lane, though the hilariously-named citizen still declined to tell America who he voted for after all this time. What Bone was up for was rating the work Trump’s done so far: “Overall, I’m very unhappy with what I see,” Bone told CNN. The self-proclaimed Libertarian has taken issue with Trump’s Muslim ban—“How could that realistically keep anyone safer?”—and tears down his beloved border wall: “We invented something as a society a little while ago called the airplane and the ladder to defeat walls pretty regularly.”


Bone also criticized the president’s rolling back of trans rights, asking “Can transgender people go into the bathroom of the sex they see themselves as? Why not? Who freaking cares?” Again, we don’t know whether Bone voted for Trump, but he certainly sounds like one of the chief tweeter’s remorseful supporters when discussing the repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare: “My mom’s a breast cancer survivor who has health insurance thanks to the exchange. So I don’t want to see her lose her coverage.”

For more on Bone’s musings about the decline of civilization, including his shared consternation over the president’s inability to just say “Nazis bad,” check out CNN’s interview.