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Game Of Thrones' Mountain blows massive football horn in manliest display ever conceived

In a confluence of masculine energy so intense that it threatened to disrupt the nation’s very power grid, the Minnesota Vikings yesterday invited Game Of Thrones’ Mountain to blow some massive fucking horn thing. Actor Hafþór J Björnsson, also Europe’s strongest man and Queen Cersei’s undead weed carrier, performed the ceremonial honor of screaming into the gjallarhorn, named after a legendary horn blown to herald the arrival of the gods. It’s part of the Vikings’ weekly kickoff ritual, along with martial drumming, chants of “skol,” and the sacrificial slaughter of untold thousands of hoagie sandwiches.

Quake in terror as The Mountain hoists the mighty horn and heralds this Sunday’s battle among god-men, and also, Christ, just take a look at this guy’s arms:


The blowing of the Gjallarhorn is an honor bestowed upon a new person each week, typically local heroes and Vikings team figures. Every now and then, though, you have to call in the big guns. It is probably worth noting that shortly into the game opposing quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sidelined with a potentially season-ending injury, because that’s the type of shit that happens when you just let the Mountain blow the damn gjallarhorn.


[via UpRoxx]

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