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Harlan Ellison settles Star Trek lawsuit with Paramount

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Legendary writer/crank/lawsuit enthusiast Harlan Ellison has settled his lawsuit with Paramount for an undisclosed settlement, Variety reports. The litigious curmudgeon had sued the entertainment super-giant over merchandising and publishing royalties to the Ellison-penned Star Trek episode "City On The Edge of Forever".

According to Variety, "Ellison's suit accused Paramount of failing to notify him about the "Crucible" trilogy of books based on the teleplay and merchandising that included a "talking" Christmas ornament."

For some reason, the thought of Ellison angrily contemplating a "City on The Edge of Forever" talking Star Trek Christmas ornament makes us happy. The article quotes Ellison as saying, "I'm pleased with the outcome" which marks the first time "Harlan Ellison" and "pleased" have appeared in the same paragraph.


Will settling this lawsuit turn Ellison into a perspicacious propononent of positivity? Will you soon see him skipping gaily through various science-fiction convention halls? Did Ellison's settlement consist entirely of crates upon crates of Star Trek talking Christmas ornaments? We do not know, yet we remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.