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Hawaii Five-0 is almost Hawaii Five-over

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Photo: Justin Stephens (CBS)

After surviving on-set injuries, high-profile pay disputes, and a vast number of cameos and recurring parts from Lost cast members who got addicted to the island life and apparently just never went home, CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 reboot has finally set a date for its series finale. Per Deadline, the show will end after 10 seasons (that is to say, 240 episodes) on April 3, shortly after airing an episode titled “A gripping cuttlefish,” because every episode of Hawaii 5-0 is apparently named after a Hawaiian phrase or proverb, which is a fact that we have to admit we only just learned today, and kind of love in terms of how aggressively goofy it is.


Honestly, we’re learning a lot about Hawaii Five-0 right now. Did you know Jimmy Buffett had a recurring part on the series, as a badass helicopter pilot named “Frank Bama”? Did you know they once bungie-corded Bronson Pinchot to the hood of a car and then drove him through the streets of Honolulu? Did you know Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim both quit the show after producers refused to pay them as much as their two co-stars, despite ostensibly being co-leads? (Okay, to be fair, we did already know that last one.)

Also, it’s kind of amazing that this isn’t even the longest-running TV show named Hawaii 5-0 to air on American TV; the original Jack Lord version ran for 12 seasons back in its day, eventually running 279 episodes. (To be fair, star Alex O’Loughlin has reportedly been dealing with serious pain issues ever since suffering an on-set injury during the series’ early days, and seems to have decided that 10 years of that particular misery was enough.) The series continues to do numbers in the low 7 millions, viewership-wise, which is a nice reminder that nearly three times as many people watched “The octopus of the deep spews its ink” (or “Pupuhi ka he’e o kai uli”) than tuned in to see the Good Place finale. Fun!