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Here is exactly what Ryan Gosling’s face looks like after being punched by Harrison Ford

Perhaps sensing that there needed to be some good in this world, the news cycle continues to reach out for and surface any possible information about the moment when legendary Hollywood hardass Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling right in the face during the filming of Blade Runner 2049. We have, at this point, gone over Ford’s excuses for doing so (“Gosling’s face was where it should not have been”); his paltry apology of a single glass of whiskey; his repeated forgetting of Gosling’s name while on the talk show circuit; and now making the rounds in what must surely be the ultimate indignity is a single isolated image of what both stars looked like in the exact moment following the punch, as all of America sates its secret desire to see Ryan Gosling punched by Harrison Ford. It is good:


This, too, came from The Graham Norton Show, where Ford said, “That’s the face of, ‘Oh shit, I’m in deep doodoo.’” Gosling’s face seems to imply cartoon stars and birds spiraling around it in sucker-punched confusion, while Ford seems frightened but also a bit impressed by the whole thing. Online, it has been passed about and viewed with the quiet fondness of a childhood photo.

You can see the whole interview about the punch below.

The movie containing the punch, as well as a whole bunch of gorgeous Roger Deakins cinematography and a blind Jared Leto and presumably some musings on the bleak future of humanity, comes out October 6.

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