It has been over a year since Adult Swim announced that it was reviving cult anime hit FLCL for two new seasons of shredding guitars, eating spicy foods, and going through all sorts of uncomfortable puberty stuff, and now a trailer for that revival has been posted online. The short clip offers brief glimpses of what appear to be older versions of some characters from the original series, as well as a mysterious person in a car with no driver, some kind of robot thing, Haruko’s yellow Vespa, and a quick shot of Haruko herself—looking just as frustratingly awesome as ever.

We still don’t really know anything about the plot of the new FLCL seasons, but most of the people involved in the original show—including the old voice cast—is expected to return. Also, as noted in this trailer, Japanese alt-rock band The Pillows is doing the soundtrack once again.


Season two of FLCL will premiere at some point next year, and season three is planned for 2019.