Supposedly, that scene was directed by “a kid” who had won “a contest” to be on set that day (the movie is based on a YA novel, so it’s not unheard of that a kid would be interested in it). The way Hewitt tells it, this kid just thought it would be interesting to have her character start screaming in the street, and though the cast and crew decided to just humor him at first, they realized as they were doing it that it was “amazing.” Hewitt says she doesn’t know what ever happened to this kid, and details about this contest are nonexistent on the internet (the movie came out in 1997, so people weren’t tweeting about contests as often as they are now), but it at least makes for an interesting story. Plus, since there’s nobody to say otherwise and Hewitt doesn’t remember anything else about this kid, you could always say it was you. Free fun anecdote!