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Here's Jon Hamm as a very well-dressed angel

(Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

American Gods season two isn’t the only Neil Gaiman TV adaptation on the horizon at the moment; Amazon has been working for a while now on a version of Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s collaborative apocalypse comedy Good Omens, with occasional details—like the top-notch casting of Michael Sheen and David Tennant as the book’s central angel-devil Odd Couple—leaking out from time to time. Last month, we got news that Jon Hamm had also signed on to the project to play the angel Gabriel, a minor character in the book whose role has been expanded for the show. Today, Gaiman gushingly tweeted our first look at Hamm’s angelic visage, introducing the world to Gabriel’s dapper duds:


We’re not entirely sure what to think yet about the theology of the upcoming show, which will likely depict the war between heaven and hell as little more than a turf war over a prize (Earth) that neither side really cares all that much about. That being said, at least one thing’s clear: Heaven has at least one exceptional tailor.

[via io9]

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