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How To Create A Hilarious Movie Poster

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1. Get Dane Cook. Yes, it will cost you thousands in hair gel expenses alone, but he is worth it. Why? According to his MySpace and HBO, he is a comedian, and comedians are funny. Therefore the mere presence of his perfectly coiffed head will already indicate that this is a funny poster for a funny movie with a funny guy in it. 2. Have Dane Cook pose shirtless while smirking so hard it looks like he has taken Strychnine, and his lower facial muscles are frozen in a contorted grimace brought on by deadly poison. Hilarious! 3. Use the tagline, "There's something funny about Dane." Not only does this tagline subtly evoke the title of the hugely popular comedy

There's Something About Mary, it also flat out tells your audience in no uncertain terms that this movie will be funny because of Dane Cook alone. It's like sticking a giant yellow post-it note that reads, "You laugh here" on the poster, with an arrow pointing right at Dane Cook's uproariously funny bare chest. 4. Get a blonde wig, put it on a toilet plunger, and place it very close to Dane Cook. This way, if you frame the shot just right, it will look like he's receiving oral sex in the poster, which is hilarious. Is there any sex act that's funnier? Probably. But this will be enough to cause wave after wave of jubilant high-fives and exclamations of "Dude!" from frat boys at multiplexes all over the nation.

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