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Huh, Moby really does have connections in the intelligence community

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In 2017, for reasons that were unclear at the time, Moby posted a message on Facebook that claimed he had been tipped off by some friends working in the federal government that Donald Trump was definitely a Russian stooge, that the GOP was trying to figure out how to stop him, that he was eager to push America into another pointless war, and that the video of Trump paying Russian sex workers to pee on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama had once slept in—a.k.a. “the pee tape”—was real. About a year later, Moby explained what was up with that, saying that he knows a number of “active and former CIA agents” who were so concerned about Trump’s connections to Russia that they leaked some info to Moby (of all people) and asked him to share it on social media as a way to get it out into the world.


Well, Trump hasn’t been taken down by Moby just yet, unless he has had more involvement in this impeachment thing than we know about, but it does sound like this connection to the U.S. intelligence community is actually legitimate. Moby pops up in a very small aside in a lengthy New York Times story about Val Broeksmit, the son of the late Bill Broeksmit, who was a senior executive at very big and very shady financial institution Deutsche Bank—the preferred financial institution of one Donald J. Trump. When his father died, Val Broeksmit found his computer passwords and uncovered tons and tons of confidential records from Deutsche Bank that could—and did—point toward questionable business dealings that may or may not have involved one Donald J. Trump.

Recognizing that he was sitting on a goldmine, Broeksmit started covertly shopping this data around to journalists, which eventually attracted the attention of the FBI (and may have enabled the federal government to take some punitive steps against Deutsche Bank). More importantly, though, it also convinced Broeksmit that he had an interesting life that deserved to be a movie, so he moved to Los Angeles and tried to meet up with producers. At a party, he met a guy named Moby, who heard about what Broeksmit was doing and suggested that he speak to one of his friends, who had recently opened an investigation into Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank. This friend of Moby’s was Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and therefore an actual big deal in the actual intelligence community… and apparently an actual friend of Moby’s!

The entirety of Broeksmit’s story is very weird and very interesting, but that is, sadly, the only part that involves Moby. Still, it means that Moby wasn’t just making shit up when he posted that anti-Trump Facebook thing, which also means that the pee tape is definitely still real and is definitely out there somewhere.