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Inject a little eroticism and video game jargon into your timeline with this Twitter bot

Screenshot: YouTube

There’s plenty of sex in video games, but that does not make talking about video games sexy. Here to change that is @vg_erotica, a Twitter bot designed by game designer Liz England, that “mashes together romance novel excerpts and dank video game memes.” Be forewarned, however: these aren’t n00b cracks about Mario and Sonic. Rather, what you’ll find in these steamy tweets aren’t dissimilar to what you’d hear crackling out of the headset of a 13-year old Call Of Duty enthusiast.

See some examples below, preferably while nibbling on your lower lip:


If you’re somehow not left hot and bothered, do indulge in some other AI-inspired sensuality, be it through computer-generated romance novel titles or a bot’s dive into dating apps.


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