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It's only okay when James Woods dates people decades younger than him

Woods with 20-year-old Bauguess in 2013. (Photo: Jim Spellman / Getty Images)

Yesterday, in his ongoing transformation into a shrill, pearl-clutching, far-right goblin emitting banshee shrieks into the void of Twitter about the decimation of American morality, James Woods looked upon the promotional material for the new Armie Hammer film Call Me By Your Name, a Sundance hit that details a relationship between a 24-year-old and a 17-year-old, and wept:


All of which struck several people as rich coming from Woods, including Armie Hammer and, flying in from nowhere with a tomahawk dunk, Amber Tamblyn:


Hammer’s tweet references Woods’ relationship with Kristen Bauguess, who he began making red-carpet appearances alongside when she was 20 years old and he was 66. Prior to that, he was dating someone a little closer to his age—26-year-old Ashley Madison.


Anyway, mark this all down as yet another case of a self-righteous guardian of American standards being faster to bemoan our nation’s moral deterioration than to, you know, abide by those self-professed morals themselves. (In related news, Ted Cruz also liked a porn tweet about infidelity yesterday, because the hard right is a hollow simulacrum of an ideology based on fear-mongering and avarice.) Woods came roaring back with a three-tweet defense, none of which ever addresses his relationships with women decades younger than him.


We’re sure Armie Hammer will sleep well in his troll onesie knowing James Woods likes him as an actor—a lot—despite his purported #NAMBLA-supporting new movie. James Woods, an adult with a coherent and rational worldview, meanwhile, will certainly sleep soundly in his man-who-dates-women-decades-younger-than-him onesie.

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