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It's Tommy And The Cool Mule's World

Below, you'll find the trailer for Tommy And The Cool Mule, which, despite all appearances to the contrary, and defying all logic, is a real movie. 


(Via FilmDrunk)

I know what you're thinking: "How could Jackie A.—a mule—afford all that snout bling? There has to be more to this Mr.T-impersonating-mule-helps-save-boy's-farm-from-evil-Kevin-Sorbo tale." And that's how you find yourself buying an advance copy of Tommy And The Cool Mule DVD online. They've hooked you. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until June to host your "40 Acres And A Cool Mule" veiwing party, but in the meantime there is this tantalizing content rundown of Tommy And The Cool Mule by the Dove Foundation to tide you over:

Sex: Sexiest comments about being a woman; teenage couple kiss.
Language: Jackass used to describe animal; Jesus used in reference to the person, Dang-1; Butt-1; Booty used as description; "Shut-up"-3, O my Gosh-2; "Thank God"-1
Violence: Sounds of war; bullying; boys shooting younger boys with paint guns.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Women in tank tops, woman in Sun dress; cleavage.
Other: Loss of a parent in war, a man trying to con a woman out of property; mule flatulence.

Women in tank tops, "booty" used descriptively, and copious amounts of mule flatulence? That's a recipe for hilarious, family-friendly cinematic excellence.

To think: Ice T made his movie debut in New Jack City in 1991. It took Eddie Murphy 19 years before he got to play a cool mule (well, a cool donkey). Ice T acheived that same milestone role in just 18. Something to be proud of.