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Ivanka Trump liked, apparently misunderstood Oprah’s Golden Globes speech

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When Oprah Winfrey delivered her impassioned speech Sunday night, vocalizing solidarity with women and survivors of abuse from all walks of live and looking to a better future for the girls watching at home, she no doubt hoped her message would be championed by women everywhere. What she probably didn’t expect was for one of those women to be Ivanka Trump. But that’s exactly what happened Monday night when Ivanka inexplicably retweeted Oprah’s speech saying how empowering and inspiring it was.


It should be noted that Ivanka Trump has a history of not understanding how words work, so it’s possible she didn’t know who Oprah was referring to when she said we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to “corruption,” “injustice,” and “tyrants.” Presumably, she also didn’t see the contradiction in tweeting “#TimesUp” when her father is accused of numerous accounts of sexual assault and misconduct. Coming off of the explosive #MeToo movement, the Time’s Up campaign has been a rallying cry for those showing solidarity against systemic sexism. But it’s also a legal fund that helps tangibly support victims of abuse, something actress Alyssa Milano was happy to inform Ivanka about.

Also, thanks to the handy @TrumpsAlert bot, which reports on the social media maneuverings of the Trump family, we know that, soon after watching Oprah’s speech, Ivanka starting following Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Twitter. The Great Moderator Ivanka Trump is getting 2018 off to a great start.

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