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Jackson Wang's video for "100 Ways" is a sharp period drama set to a house beat

Even if we can’t exactly head to our local theater at the moment, music videos like this one for Jackson Wang’s newest single “100 Ways” packs enough cinematic drama to satisfy our appetite for a little bit of artful escapism. The follow-up to the Chinese performer’s 2019 album Mirrors is a thrumming house bop about abiding love, a sentiment that is taken to a gorgeous extreme with the help of a visual tale set in ancient China.


In a desolate graveyard somewhere in the middle of a forest, a quartet of soldiers perform a sharply executed ritual to resurrect a fallen warrior with impeccable hair—played by Wang, obviously—who they prepare for one final mission. As they skulk through the woods (between bouts of stunning, wildly precise choreography, because there’s always time for that), Wang and his men stumble upon what they’re looking for: another grave, only this one houses his long lost love. With one last ritual, the reunited couple descend into a single, shared grave, which is a damn commitment. The Daniel Cloud Campos-directed production is nothing short of impressive as lighting and contrasting color palettes somehow fit the layered tones of the song, from the colorful, bouncy beat to the darker, somewhat intense sentiment of the lyrics. (“It’s the final curtain call/But if you’re ready I will give my all/For you, for you/Let them say it how they want/If I can love you, good, it’s no one’s fault.”)

“100 Ways” will lead Wang’s second solo album. The singer and rapper is also a member of the Korean pop outfit, GOT7.