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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Jamie Foxx is Unpredictable

Jamie Foxx is many things to many people: comedian, actor, Ray Charles impersonator, ass-man. And, as I learned to my utter amazement while watching Ellen this morning, Jamie Foxx is also a singer. With an album that apparently was #1 in the country for almost a month. (By the way: what the fuck, America?) Here's a sample of the magic from the title track: Girl, get comfortable. We bout to do something you never done before Baby, not the usual Tonight we gettin unpredictable So try to roll with it, baby I'ma make you feel how you never felt Girl, all because you let me get unpredictable "So," you may be wondering, "how does Jamie keep it all inside? Isn't there a video clip of him that I can watch that puts all of what Jamie Foxx is into an easily digestable segment, hopefully featuring him at a piano?" Well, there is no such video clip. In fact, there are so many Jamie Foxxes it takes 2 whole video clips to contain all of them. You can watch Part One here and Part Two here. Seeing Jamie there at his piano, talking and scatting about his life, reminded me of another R&B; great who used his piano and his scatting to convey to the world who he really was. I'm talking, of course, about David from The Real World New Orleans. He, too, was unpredictable. And even though he hasn't won an Oscar––yet––he still knew how to show who he really was through R & B, as evidenced by his song Come On Be My Baby Tonight. (Sample lyric: "Dooba doo dooba doo doooo/Come on be my baby tonight") It's hard to be so multi-faceted.


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