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Jason “Khal Drogo” Momoa is launching his own brewery in Detroit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even burly, horse-loving Aquamen are getting into craft brewing. Jason “Khal Drogo” Momoa says he’s opening a brewery in Detroit, having recently purchased a 9,000 square foot, 100-year-old former General Motors facility in the city. Details are a little sketchy on when, how, and what that product will entail, but Portland’s Willamette Weekly got a little of the “why” when it talked to Momoa around Road To Paloma, a recent movie he produced, wrote, and directed.

Momoa told Willamette Weekly that his favorite beer is Guinness, but that otherwise he mostly prefers farmhouse ales and wheat beers. He’s a big fan of Michigan’s New Holland Brewing, with his production company, Pride Of Gypsies, just recently completing a commercial The Woodsman, a pale ale collaboration between the company and Carhartt. Momoa says New Holland is the first brewery he’s ever been to where he “liked every single beer,” including “Dragon’s Milk, Mad Hatter, Monkey King,” and so on. (He would like Dragon’s Milk.)