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Johnny Knoxville provides update on how badly he messed himself up filming Jackass 4

Knoxville demonstrates miraculous ability to still sit upright.
Knoxville demonstrates miraculous ability to still sit upright.
Screenshot: GQ

Johnny Knoxville, more scar tissue than man at this point, has always been devoted to his craft, and that “craft” is coming as close as possible to killing himself on film for our amusement without actually producing snuff films. With the release of Jackass 4 on the horizon, Knoxville—a 50-year-old man, by the way—appeared in a recent GQ video to answer questions about himself on the internet and give us an update on the latest injuries he’s suffered in the pursuit of his art.

When faced with the question of “how much damage” he did to his body “while performing stunts on Jackass,” Knoxville replies by saying he’s “just going to answer Jackass 4, otherwise we’ll be here all day.”


Wearing a pair of sunglasses perhaps meant to spare viewers the sight of his left eye that, as he previously said—and describes in greater, grosser detail—has a habit of just popping out of its socket sometimes, Knoxville says he’s added a broken wrist, broken rib, and “a pretty gnarly concussion” to his resume. The latter injury put him into the hospital for a weekend. (And that’s just one of his estimated “15 or 16" total concussions.)

He points out in the following answer that he’s hardly alone in repeatedly fucking himself up this badly, though. Knoxville says that every member of the cast has been banged up pretty severely while making the new movie, pointing out that Steve-O “busted his shoulder” on 4. But Knoxville—ever the good sportsays that, well, “things happen.”

We doubt Knoxville’s cavalier attitude toward progressively annihilating every bone, muscle, and inch of flesh on his body will change anytime soon, but let’s hope so. As much as we enjoy watching him and his pals test the limits of the human body’s ability to heal itself, it’s hard to imagine how much more punishment Knoxville can take.

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