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Kitty Kat Fan Club fights through the “Work Space Grind” on its new track

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last summer, Kitty Kat Fan Club released its debut 7-inch: an EP full of bubblegum pop songs about cats. And while that sounds dangerously saccharine, the band kept it on the right side of cutesy, putting songwriting first and letting this loose premise serve as a guiding principle instead of a hard rule. Now, the band is back with its second 7-inch, Work Space Grind, shifting its focus onto something a little more soul-crushing than playing with cats. The A.V. Club is streaming the EP’s title track now, which shows the band is still plenty capable of crafting a tight, bubbly song. (It doesn’t hurt that it features members of Hard Girls and Asian Man founder Mike Park).

Pre-orders for Work Space Grind are available now and the first 250 orders come with a Kitty Kat Fan Club t-shirt.