(Photo: Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy)

Laurence Fishburne plays Perry White in the DC movies, but that didn’t stop him from admitting the truth earlier this year when he said that Marvel has been “kicking [DC’s] ass” when it comes to the big screen. As it turns out, Fishburne has been a Marvel fan for a long time, telling Collider that he appreciated how the stories in the ‘60s and ‘70s reflected what it was like for him to grow up in New York at that time—but he probably didn’t have the proportional strength of a spider. Fishburne also told Collider that he has wanted to find a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even before he joined up with DC to play Perry White, and with a scheduling conflict preventing him from appearing in Justice League, he finally noticed an opportunity to visit the other side of the aisle and see if Marvel could make room for him.

He says he pitched them something that “really couldn’t work out” because of “legal red tape” (meaning it was probably related to Spider-Man or The X-Men), but the studio was apparently happy enough with his enthusiasm that it offered him a role in Ant-Man And The Wasp. He’s playing Bill Foster, a guy who used to work for Hank Pym, and in the comics he was another size-changing superhero—at least until his death at the hands of a robotic Thor clone during the superhero Civil War.


That’s not all Fishburne is doing with Marvel Studios, though. He says he’s also working on something else that he can’t talk about, but “it’s gonna be really cool” and he hopes it will “change the world.” We have no idea what he’s talking about, but at least it indicates that Marvel Studios’ future plans aren’t so set in stone that they can’t be tweaked to make room for some kind of passion project from Morpheus himself. Of course, he doesn’t say “Marvel Studios,” so he could even be writing a comic book or designing an action figure for all we know.