Rhye’s Michael Milosh accused of sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress in new lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed today by Milosh’s ex-wife, Alexa Nikolas, in Los Angeles County Superior Court

Rhye’s Michael Milosh accused of sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress in new lawsuit
Photo: Tori Willis

Actor Alexa Nikolas, the ex-wife of Rhye frontman Michael Milosh, has filed a complaint against the musician in Los Angeles County Superior Court for sexual battery, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of California’s Tom Bane Civil Rights Act, and negligence.

According to documents exclusively obtained by The A.V. Club, Nikolas alleges that Milosh “utilized his power of authority and seniority over [Nikolas], as well as years of sexual grooming of [Nikolas] as a minor child, to manipulate her into trusting him. Upon gaining her trust, Defendant Milosh terrorized, sodomized, and abused [Nikolas] as part of his continuous conduct aimed at satisfying his prurient and economic desires.” The lawsuit also notes that “record labels, management companies, and other corporate entities enabled Milosh by supporting him financially and ratifying his misconduct despite knowledge that Nikolas was a minor and continuing to suffer abuse even after the age of majority.”

Many of the allegations detailed in the suit previously came to light in an open letter Nikolas published on Instagram in March. They include abuse and assault Nikolas says she endured during her time with Milosh, including the musician asking Nikolas to undress on Skype while she was still a minor; Milosh sexually assaulting her the first night they spent together; and Milosh pressing his forearm into her throat while Nikolas struggled to breathe, screaming “shut up, shut up, shut up” while Nikolas experienced a panic attack.

The suit also alleges that members of Milosh’s team were aware of his treatment of Nikolas:

In 2013, Milosh released his fourth solo album “Jetlag” under the label Deadly Records, owned and operated by Milosh alone. Milosh used recordings of Nikolas during sex throughout the album, including a specific recording of her saying “no” in response to his attempt to anally penetrate her. At the album release party, Milosh displayed his photographic “art” to the guests which consisted of huge photographs of Nikolas, completely naked. These photographs were not modest in nature, but rather, displayed Nikolas’ young naked body for all to see. Nikolas did not consent to the use of naked photographs of herself to be used in public in this manner. During the party, Milosh proudly told attendees of the party that they were listening to Nikolas during coerced anal sex throughout his entire album. Not surprisingly, Milosh did not disclose to his guests that he obtained these recordings when Nikolas was highly intoxicated and incapable of refusing. Nikolas’ own mother left the party in disgust.

Individuals from Innovative Leisure, Polydor, BIZ3, Loma Vista, and KCRW Public Radio were in attendance at this party, with prior knowledge of the foundation of the deceitful relationship which was rooted in childhood sexual assault. On information and belief, these industry professionals lauded Milosh in his “art” with reckless disregard to the severe psychological damage suffered by Nikolas.

In the course of reporting on the allegations against Milosh, The A.V. Club has sent a request for comment to his management. We will update this story if we receive a response.

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