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Legal action is underway against artist who drew a penis in a Netflix kids show

(Screenshot: Maya The Bee)

Earlier this week, we reported that an episode of Maya The Bee, a kids show about kid bees that streams on Netflix, had been pulled from the platform over concerns that a penis had ended up drawn into one of the backgrounds. The media only caught on after vigilant mom Chey Robinson posted a video on Facebook about what looks like a cartoon wang graffito. At the time, Netflix just removed the episode from its offerings without any official statement about the digital dong, but now it looks like the “rogue artist” responsible for it will face real consequences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Studio 100, the production company behind Maya The Bee, is pursuing legal action against the artist, whose identity is unknown but who joins a long tradition of other weirdos adding penises to kids programming and films. In a statement, Studio 100 called the incident “unacceptable” and a “very bad joke,” while also indicating that “legal action has already been started.” Additionally, the company is “taking all suitable technical measures to remedy the situation,” which suggests some kind of anti-dick-drawing software.


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