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It’s been nearly two years since those llamas broke loose and raised shaggy hell in Arizona, so the internet was long overdue for another daring animal escape. Yesterday, the gods seemed to heed our call, as a Wisconsin news outlet reported on a dog who basically checked himself out of the veterinary hospital and walked himself home. Which was adorable, but not quite dramatic enough.

Luckily, Sam Neill had a much more exciting Tuesday than most of us, which he humbly bragged about on Twitter. Apparently, some pigs got loose and ended up stranded on a sheer cliff, so Neill utilized some “crampons, abseiling” and “harnesses,” to rescue them.


That is definitely some “PIGS- DRAMA,” all right. Naturally, we have a lot of questions: How long before Sam Neill was able to rescue them? And what’s a sheer cliff and crampon? Also, what’s abseiling? (Harnesses, we know.) Are those the same pigs seen here? If so, what are their names? And why do they look so much bigger in that cliff photo?

What is clear from the post is that these are some ungrateful pigs—they gave “no thanks,” according to Neill. So they obviously weren’t nearly as thrilled to be rescued by the Jurassic Park actor as we were to read about it. That, or they lack the ability to communicate verbally.


In other animal-related Sam Neill news, the actor, who recently joined the MCU, shared his first and final cat photo. Fake Odin is good.


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