We get some mail here at The A.V. Club, and some of it must be shared.

Support for Dawn (no love for Scrappy)

Tasha Robinson's recent Inventory feature on unpopular television characters, which included Dawn Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer has already drawn some strong responses. Some of them, a little frighteningly strong. For instance, there's this one, which is fairly reasonable until, well, wait for it:

I disagree about Dawn. I think she is amazingly mature, especially considering all she went through. Just losing a mother can knock the legs out from under most people. She was also the intended victim of a HellGoddess. She found out she was not of human origin, etc. You are just plainly wrong about Dawn.

I disagree about Wesley Crusher…one of my very fave ST characters.

I disagree about Pikachu. He is very cute and has tantrums. I like that. ….and…

I disagree about Barney. (What is it people don't get about the fact that this character was created and intended for those 3 and under and those 3 and under…loved him…..)

I hope you have NO children and intend to have no children because Pretend Adults, which you would raise…are more obnoxious than Wesley, Dawn, Barney and Pikachu could ever be.


Clearly there's no arguing with that.

They're Red Hot

Or with this:

Keith Phillips…or Phillups I didnt pay attention to your name…you are an idiot…your review on the Peppers was just horribly wrong….why dont you do some research behind your pathetic articles and maybe if you write a bad review,..it'll at least make sense…read Scar Tissue (the book, not the famous song) and maybe you'll get a little more…what do bands write about? their LIVES and what do most bands have in common that came out around the peppers time and before? they had a lot of sex, with a lot of drugs, they lost a lot of friends and felt a lot of pain…thats what the songs are about…and excuse me…not having fun??? are you kidding me??? that is what that band is all about…having fun! Funk and Punk is all about fun…I respect all negative critiques…but only if they know ANYTHING about what they're writing about…do some research…get a real publisher to write for and then I'll say "I remember tearing this guy a new one, wow, he really showed me up"…! look I understand you have a lot of bands and stuff to write about but pleaese…you are talking about one of the biggest bands of our time….millions love them and relate to their music…and you say it makes no sense….it makes no sense because you know nothing about the stories behind the music…enough said…


The Red Hot Chili Peppers have sex with drugs? That sounds incredibly painful. I've got to listen to that album again.

Missed Steps

Noel Murray's recent Inventory on dance songs also drew some fire for leaving out some notable dances, and misattributing one.

Just thought I'd point out that the song, "Do the standing still" was originally done by brit punks The Table. http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/table.htm
Even back in the day, crowds could be pricks.


In "The A.V. Club's Definitive Mixlist: The Land Of Way Too Many Dances", how could you forget to include the Bartman???


? ? ?

Stephen is a doll. I love him and I think he has class. Tiffiny should be the winner.She is down to earth and think that most of the chef's that were elimited were just jealous because she can hold her ground. Harold is great and I want Tiffiny.


We think this might have something to do with a TV show, although it might be one that exists only in the writer's head.


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