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Finally emancipated from the toiling without payoff that was the teaser for the teaser, here is the first full trailer for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, so you can begin the Reconstruction of your opinions of it. Civil War puns! Also, actual Civil War, as brother takes up arms against brother, respected character actor meets respected character actor on the political battlefield, and through it all, Abraham Lincoln tries to keep the peace while looking like he needs this horrid responsibility like he needs a hole in the head.


We've known for months now that Daniel Day-Lewis definitely looks the part, and it seems he took heed of historical records that describe Lincoln's voice as slightly higher-pitched and tremulous, as opposed to the booming gravitas afforded him by so many a past portrayer and Disneyland robot. The film has plenty of gravitas already, what with its stacked deck of interesting supporting players—Hal Holbrook, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Jared Harris, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lee Pace, Jackie Earle Haley, James Spader, and an alarmingly bewigged Tommy Lee Jones among them—plus John Williams' typically stately soundtrack, surely just one of the film's four scores. (More puns!)

And oh yeah, Adam Driver from Girls is in there, talking his usual blunt truth to Lincoln himself, and enabling a future where some YouTube prankster can intercut him peeing on Lincoln in the shower. That is, after all, the freedom so many died for.