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Magazine Of The Month

From my inbox:

Playgirl invites you to launch THE HUMOR ISSUE You always knew Playgirl was funny, but this time we did it on purpose. Our April 2006 issue features Comedy Central's Mike Birbiglia, Adult Swim's Brendon Small, and other comic cuties, and contributions from Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, Chelsea Peretti, Scharpling & Wurster, Kristina Wong, and lots more.

Hmm. I know a lot of things (the quadratic formula, various TV theme songs), but I did not know that Playgirl was funny. In fact, I don't know anything about Playgirl, mostly because I am not a gay man or a housewife circa 1976. But I do like most of the comedians listed above. So, has Playgirl suddenly become funny? Or have all these comedians suddenly become naked? There's a lot of missing information in this invitation/press release, so I went straight to the source: the Playgirl website. After clicking on some guy in a speedo and gym socks (but, like, really sexy ones), I discovered that Playgirl's Humor Issue contains the following: ––Home Movies' Brendon Small dressed in a viking helmet, and only a viking helmet. —A piece about Aziz Ansari interrogating a bad date on stage ––A quiz by Eugene Mirman titled "How Fucking Awesome Are You At Awesome Fucking?" ––Penis Portraits! OMG!!! (I guessPlaygirl still does that whole naked thing.) ––A map of one-night stands, submitted by Todd Barry ––Some article about "customizing your coochie." Conclusion: I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to get the April issue of Playgirl. For the articles. (Well, the non-coochie-related ones). Anyone else?


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