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Mark the beginning of year-end supercuts with this look at film in 2015

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While it’s still a while to go before the end of the year, the year-end compilations have begun. It’s uncertain how many of these will make The A.V. Club’s best of the year (better luck next time, Spectre!), but one editor has combined some incredible images from many 2015 films to produce an epic journey across time and space, high and low art, and good and bad works.

Benjamin Zuk put together this video, assembled from 164 different films, to track the various themes, sights, and stories that impacted filmgoers in 2015. As Zuk writes,

With one month to go, 2015 is pretty much over and I suppose it’s never too early to start looking back and trying to make sense of it all. I tried to tell a story about the movies of 2015, wanting to acknowledge some of the changes we’ve seen. I got 164 movies in. I’m certain I’ve forgotten someone’s favorite, but I hope I got close.


It’s a testament to the strong caliber of films that there are so many indelible images, even from films that will probably be forgotten over time. And while it remains uncertain which one will have the most lasting impact on audiences (especially as the reception to one film looms large over everything else), it’s a good edit that rightfully celebrates all those moments from a disparate mix of movies from this year.


2015 Salute to Cinema from Ben Zuk on Vimeo.