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Mark Wahlberg Does Have A Sense Of Humor

On Monday, we established that Mark Wahlberg does not have a discernible sense of humor about himself. But the question remains: does Mark Wahlberg have a sense of humor at all? As evidenced by Wahlberg's appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show, the answer is yes. More specifically, Wahlberg has the same sense of humor as Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas, but mixed with a little sly antisemitism just for fun. It's all jokey-but-serious threats and big nose quips. In other words: Hilarious.

To recap: Andy Samberg does a lighthearted sketch that isn't really making fun of Mark Wahlberg, so much as it's making an absurd juxtaposition of Mark Wahlberg, southie-turned-Entouragey-Hollywood-guy, with barnyard animals. No matter what Mark Wahlberg seems to think, SNL wasn't making a "Mark Wahlberg sucks so much he talks to animals," joke. That's not even a cause and effect. The joke they were making was more, "Wouldn't it be weird/funny if Mark Wahlberg talked to animals?" As it turns out, yes it would.

Wahlberg, however, took this as a full-scale attack, encased in jokes. So he attacked Andy Samberg right back: calling him big-nosed and so unimportant he doesn't even have an office (burn!). In another interview, Wahlberg even brought up Hot Rod. (Third degree burn!) Then he says he's going to punch Samberg, ha ha ha, but no really he's going to punch him in his giant nose. (Which, who knows, maybe he will in a special "I get it" cameo appearance on SNL this weekend. I doubt it, though, cause he very certainly doesn't get it.)

Oh, man. Good ones, Mark. "His big nose!" Classic. That is funny. No, like what you're saying about kicking Samberg's ass is funny. What do you mean, "Funny how?" It's the way you say the threats, you know, it's funny. No, not like you're a clown. I'm not laughing at you, Mark. Please. Just put down the gun. Stop pointing it at my feet: I don't want to dance! Remember what happened to Spider? Just calm down.


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