All those explosions and pyrotechnics in bombastic director Michael Bay's head don't leave a lot of room for a healthy, self-deprecating sense of humor–that's why the following conditions must be met in order for Bay to make fun of himself and his oeuvre:

1. The self-deprecation happens in a land far, far away, and

2. He is paid. (And presumably a Michael Bay parody of Michael Bay doesn't come cheap.)

This recent commercial for an Australian bank, however, managed to meet both criteria for Bay Self-Parody:

While the stuffed-koala-meets-Mad-Max parody is pretty funny, it's not quite brimming with Michael-Bay-osity. For maximum Bay-ness, the explosion at the end should have at least 5 other explosions within it, the boomerang needs to clang and twist and transform a few dozen times as it's flying through the air, there should be some fighter jets and another fireball in there somewhere, and the koalas should exchange some killer dialogue like, "Eucalyptus me, bitch." "Naw, you Eucalyptus me…and throw another shrimp on the barbie while you're at it."